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Our unique range of English language courses to help you improve your English skills and achieve your learning goals.

General English

English language course for all level learners from Beginner to Advanced levels to improve your overall communication skills in English.

IELTS Preparation

Get ready to score high in your IELTS examination with the essential English reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

Speaking Class

Learn to speak English fluently and become a confident English speaker with our English Speaking class available at different proficiency levels.

Academic English

Improve your English proficiency to understand and communicate effectively in an academic setting such as universities.

Business English

English course for professionals to enhance their language skills and become a confident communicator in the current emerging business world.

English for Marketing

Make your English skills relevant to the marketing field by learning the specific vocabulary, grammar, and terminologies used in a marketing context.

English for Job Hunting

Specialised English course to learn effective language, vocabulary, and communication skills that you need to apply for and secure a job.

Professional Courses


Recognised courses by industry experts to improve your professional expertise with an advanced certification.

Digital Marketing

Diploma course in digital marketing by DMI to learn various digital marketing concepts and methods to become a certified digital marketer.


A popular certification course to gain the techniques, confidence, and practical experience needed to teach English as a foreign language.

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At ES Dubai, we make studying English a fun and fascinating experience for every student. A family-like atmosphere in a culturally diverse community at our school is our asset. Our school will become your second home while you learn, discover, and enjoy Dubai.